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Musical Happiness
Yours truly

It’s a little strange to describe
how the way I think began to change

When I put goodness into me
goodness comes out of me

I feel like I have love for everyone
even people I didn’t used to like

I really have no anger

I really see the world around me for what it is

I don’t live in the future

What I see is what exists to me

What I know helps build reality instead of tear it apart

I am unafraid of the unforeseeable

I have a bit of ways to go
But I want to be on decent terms with everybody
And I plan to be
Because I plan to live in a way
That is full of love and acceptance
While taking care of myself

I think this is what they were talking about
When they promised my life would completely change.

This is definitely a change in myself I never thought possible.

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